Southside Malibu Club inc

Code of Conduct

The Essence of Australian Sport Code of conduct / behaviour is intended to be the minimum standard for all Southside Malibu Club Inc Club members and guests surfing in any

Southside Malibu Club Inc competition or event, and where applicable at Club social functions.

v  Surf and compete within the longboard competition rules and spirit of surfing, promoting fair play over winning at any cost.

v  Display courtesy and personal control to all other Club members, members of the public, Council beach staff and LifeSavers on duty.

v  Respect the decisions of the competition judges, Contest Director and committee members/nominees.

v  Act with integrity, objectivity and accept responsibility for your decisions and actions.

v  Adopt and display responsible behaviour in all interactions.

v  Ensure your decisions both in and out of the surf contribute to a safe environment.

v  Place the safety and welfare of members, guest and the public above all else.

v  Encourage and support members and guests to learn and display appropriate behaviours and skills.

v  Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a harassment and hassle free environment.

v  Respect the rights of every person regardless of their gender, abilities, cultural background or religion.

v  Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit

v  Do not tolerate or accept harmful or abusive behaviours

v  Adopt a responsible behaviour in relation to alcohol and drugs


Southside Malibu Club Cronulla Inc - Constitution Appendix 1