Wayne Egan was looking through his PC and found these pics of Peter Toby from around 2009.

It is a worthy posting to Walk with Dinosaurs as a fun reminder of the club past.

Pete put SOLD on his board back then, many thought it was done to reflect his prowess as a real estate salesman, but it is actually a relfection of Pete's age ......... "he iS OLD".

This is the site of ancient excavation, you will need to keep scrolling to see the dinosaurs. 


Mike Nelson (Mulletus Hairus) .......1989. Evolved into the rounder 2011 version. Note the coloured wetsuit to attract a mate. 

Jom Sourry (Jimbo Sourry) 1989............... note the lean tummy from a hard day foraging in the forest. Evolves eventually into the Jimbo we know today.

Wono 1989 (stillhadno hairus), Nothing has changed really.

Alternative 1991 Shot: Note a recent ex-prez prancing in his grey lycra dance outfit.